Privacy Statement

IWD Windows and Doors respect the privacy of our customers and of users of our website. This privacy statement outlines how information is collected and used on this site. In some cases, a customer has a say on how the information can be used.


All information on this site is a copyright of IWD Windows and Doors. Using any material from this site without permission from Iwd Windows and Doors is prohibited.


Any information provided by our customers is stored in a secure database where no other parties except Iwd can make use of it. We use your information only for educating you about our services. None of the customer information stored here is either exchanged or sold.

Personal information such as name, phone number and email address is only used to communicate with our customers or provide them with promotional offers in the future.

Email Communication

If you have registered for our newsletter or e-mail alerts, you will be notified of any new products or promotional offers, as soon as IWD Windows and Doors make an announcement. If you would like to cease this interaction, you can email IWD Windows and Doors to unsubscribe your newsletter.

IP Addresses and Cookies Information Storage

Cookies are the small files that are stored by the browser to help track a user’s activity, when he/she visits a website. Cookies are not used to collect personal information that might identify a user and neither are they shared outside the website’s database.

Cookies are merely used to remember a user’s preferences for their convenience so that when next they try to login or visit the same website, they have access to it immediately. Iwd Windows and Doors use cookies to understand what trends the users follow and what information on their website is more valuable to them. This helps us to improve our website for better navigation.

In the case of Internet Protocol, the IP address is collected to gather users’ demographic information. This information is only collected to find out the region from where Iwd might attract potential customers.

An in depth information is obtained on the IP address only if we feel that some part of our privacy policy has been breached. This is mostly done in cases to protect our customers, our business or when subpoenaed by the law enforcement.

Consent to Privacy Policy

By consenting to the privacy statement written by IWD Windows and Doors, you are giving us permission to use your information as mentioned above. If you disagree with the policy, then you are advised not to use the site.

Modification to Policy

IWD Windows and Doors has the right to change this privacy policy and statement at any time. Users will be notified via an amendment on the website. We encourage all our customers to frequently visit our website to make sure that they are up-to-date with the modifications.