Benefits Of Installing Impact Windows And Doors

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With hurricanes a common natural disaster in your area, you obviously strive to do what you can to protect your home from the consequent winds and flying debris.

You most probably end up nailing plywood on your windows in a bid to protect them. However, this is not only unsightly but also unnecessary considering the fact that there is another more viable option available, impact windows and doors.

Why impact windows and doors are so special?

Now you may wonder what’s so special about these doors, and what makes them different from regular windows. Well, the main characteristic is its shatter-resistant glass that is securely fastened to a strong and heavy-duty frame.

This impact-resistant glass comprises of two glass layers bonded with a layer of polyvinyl butyryl (PVB). There is a benefit, and reason for adding this PVB layer. If in any case, the outer glass layer breaks upon impact, then its shattered pieces end up stuck on the layer.

The glass is strong enough to sustain a direct hit from a large object. While it may crack at the impact of flying debris, it may not necessarily expose your home to wind and water.

This is how it’s a much safer and better option for your home than standard glass windows. Impacts on regular, standard float glass windows leave it in large, sharp and dangerous glass shards.

Benefits of installing impact windows and doors.

There are more reasons and benefits to installing these windows and doors than just the protection it gives against natural calamities like hurricanes.

1. Protection from break-ins

It also gives your home better protection from break-ins. Its strong insulation makes a break-in practically impossible. The shatter-proof glass is also an added benefit because it’s difficult for intruders to break through them.

2. Reduces utility bills

They are also energy efficient because of their aluminum framing. The windows help fight off heat, which in turn means that you spend less on cooling your home, or your AC bills. It consequently also helps retain heat on cold winter evenings so that you experience considerable savings on your home’s heating bills.

3. Useful as garage doors

The doors are also useful as garage doors, which most companies offer in various designs. You usually get to choose between French, pivot and sliding glass doors to minimize the chances of any post-hurricane damage. As mentioned earlier, these doors come in two layers. If in case the door does shatter due to impact, the pieces end up on the layer here too.

4. Just install and forget

One of the greatest benefits of these windows is that you just have to install them and you can forget about them. They are unlike hurricane shutters which you have to put up every time there’s a hurricane. You never know when a hurricane may strike. Most of the time you may be warned of one but nothing strikes. So putting up and taking down the hurricane shutters at every warning can be a hassle. On the contrary, impact windows and doors provide continuous protection from natural calamities.

5. Aesthetics

Impact windows and doors look just like regular windows and are aesthetically pleasing to your home than hurricane shutters or wood planks nailed across windows. These windows don’t need to be covered, and so won’t keep you in darkness as the planks and shutters do. This not only lets you look outside during a hurricane but also reduces your lighting needs and bills.

6. UV protection

The double layer of impact windows and doors also offer significant UV protection. It helps minimize possible damage inflicted by UV light like fading of fabrics, paint, photographs, and artwork with continual exposure to direct sunlight throughout the year.

7. Reduced noise

The fact that these windows can also reduce noise considerably makes them an inviting addition to houses located near busy intersections or highways. Instead of tolerating the disrupting and distracting noise, it’s better to install these windows to get some peace.

8. Saves on insurance

Last but not least, recognized insurance companies offer insurance premium reductions for the protection impact doors and windows offer against hurricanes and strong winds. All you have to do is click here for more information if you want to try and experience the multiple benefits and beauty of impact windows and doors.


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