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Tips about hurricane and impact resistant doors.

impact window front garden
If you live in areas that are prone to hurricanes very often our concern is normal. Getting the best material for our homes to be resistant is complicated. Not in every supermarket or store, you will get what you need. If you want to get a hurricane and impact resistant […]
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What is a hurricane or impact resistant windows and doors?

modern room with black impact window front city landscape
In the United States, there is an average of 17 hurricanes per decade. Most of which are classified as major (category 3, 4 or 5). After hurricane Andrew killed 65 people in 1992 and caused major damage in the city, new hurricane-resistant building codes were instituted. Hurricane or impact windows […]
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Benefits Of Installing Impact Windows And Doors

dining room impact windows and wood tables and chairs
With hurricanes a common natural disaster in your area, you obviously strive to do what you can to protect your home from the consequent winds and flying debris. You most probably end up nailing plywood on your windows in a bid to protect them. However, this is not only unsightly […]
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