Have you ever wondered how and why roofs blow off houses during powerful storms? Do you know it’s more than the strong winds, and that it is preventable?

Here is how you can ensure your home remains intact just by installing hurricane and impact windows and doors to your home.

Why your roof needs protection

Everyone knows that a roof over your head keeps you safe and secure. However, it’s usually under normal weather conditions.

Heavy rains, winds, and flying debris can lead to an accumulation of external pressure that eventually enters your home. Unfortunately, the accumulated stress in the house has to find a way out, and it is usually up by blowing your roof off.

Once your roof is compromised, you end up with wind and rain in your home, destroying maybe even bringing down the house.

However, many Floridians believe in a myth that has been around for decades. Accordingly, opening a window during a hurricane prevents a significant pressure differential that may blow up your home.

However, researchers have proven that storm winds can push into a house and upwards towards the roof. There is also the additional pressure of debris, wind, and rain hitting the windows from outside. The combined force cracks windows and doors, and the pressure lifts roofs off to destroy everything inside.

Importance of protecting windows

The most important thing you can do during a hurricane is to secure your windows and doors because they eventually keep your home safe. All it takes is a broken window or door to cause a massive change of pressure in your house.

It’s because of all this that researchers suggest that houses in coastal regions should use more durable glass and doors like a hurricane and impact windows and doors. Besides, windows and doors with better hardware prevent shattered windows and doors from flying open.

However, this does not imply that impact windows help make your home airtight. It shouldn’t, because the design of houses lets air gently move through it to prevent a massive pressure build-up.

How impact-rated doors and windows protect your home

Now, if you wonder what’s so special about impact-resistant windows and doors, well, it’s their construction. They aren’t like ordinary windows and doors.


       i.            Resist winds and flying debris


They can resist the debris that flies around during high-wind scenarios like a hurricane. It’s because they are built using laminated glass technology.

According to this technology, the windows have not one, but two pieces of glass sandwiched with a plastic layer in between. Now this plastic interlayer is very important because it’s what keeps the glass intact if foreign objects smash it.


     ii.            Very durably built

Besides, these windows have more durable frames than those found in typical windows. These window frames are generally made of vinyl, metal, or wood and may even have other materials strengthening it.

It’s a combination of the laminated glass technology, and sturdy window frames, which help these windows and doors protect your home. The glass in the windows is strong enough not to shatter even if hit by flying debris. Throwing a brick against it won’t even break it!


  iii.            Protects your home’s integrity


Being the secure windows they are, hurricane windows go a long way at protecting your home’s structural integrity. They don’t crack or break, which means that there’s no chance of any pressure build-up inside the house. You can stay safe in your home without worrying about roofs flying off even during massive hurricanes.


   iv.            Reduces electricity bills

Besides, it’s not just during hurricanes that these windows prove their worth.

Its energy efficiency feature makes it handy throughout the year. It helps retain the cold air in your home and keeps the hot and humid air out. In short, it helps maintain a steady and comfortable temperature in the house throughout the year.

You thus end up with lower energy bills. It is because you don’t have to use your HVAC system to cool or heat your home as much as you do with regular windows.

     v.            Unique designs

Lastly, do not think that these strong impact-resistant windows and doors are big and clunky to look. They are available in a wide choice of sleek styles. It means you don’t have to compromise on the looks of your home while making your home more secure.

Do you now want to make your home hurricane-proof?

If yes, the experts at iwdwindows.com are always ready to help select the right hurricane and impact windows and doors for your home.


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