Nowadays, it is very common to find homes in Florida replacing their standard entry doors for impact doors. Under normal conditions, a standard door may be just fine. However, in Florida, specifically in the Fort Lauderdale area, hurricanes and storms are prone to happen. This is why having one of these doors can be so fundamental.

When dealing with such unpredictable weather, it’s necessary to take as many precautions as possible. Choosing Impact Doors can make a crucial difference. They are specially designed to keep your home secure, as well as your family, in case of any strong winds.

Differences between standard and impact doors

Usually, an entry door consists of two steel facings or skins, and an insulating filler for extra security. While it is generally safe, homes located in the Fort Lauderdale area should consider a higher level of protection. A standard door won’t offer the same level of resistance as an impact door would.

Impact doors are specially designed to withstand strong winds. They have been tested and approved to meet certain regulations. They are built with thick fiberglass skins with wood and composite reinforcements. Impact doors also count with specialized polyurethane foam cores that make it more resistant. These doors are perfect to ensure the protection of your home and family.

Benefits of having impact doors

In the middle of a storm or hurricane, there can be breached doors, windows or garage doors. Having breaches can mean disaster for your home. Once an opening is made, the high winds, rain, and additional debris entering your home. It can destroy walls, furniture, and even send your roof flying off.

Besides the hurricane-related advantages, having impact doors can benefit your home in many aspects. One of which is making your home safe against burglars, since the glass is thick, they can take a heavy impact without yielding. Also, Florida law states that insurance companies must offer discounts to those homes where impact doors are installed.

Impact doors are also, beautiful and stylish. Several models range from modern and minimalistic to more classic ones. Frames can be made out of aluminum, wood, and vinyl. A stylish door is also something homeowners are interested in. Impact doors can give you security and aesthetic as well.

How to choose the best impact door

When you live in a hurricane-prone area like Fort Lauderdale, you must worry about your home safety and make sure to be prepared. After making the choice to replace standard doors with impact doors, the question ‘how do I choose the best one?’ may arise. There are several things you should consider when installing these doors.

One of the main things to consider is the materials they can be made of. There are several options for impact doors. Selecting the material is a pivotal point in the process. It should be done first since it decides the price of the door. You should also look for energy-efficient doors that reduce energy costs and helps save the planet.

The direction or location of your front door is also an important element to take into account. If your front door is facing the sea, it will be more prone to damage from the elements. Which is why perhaps, choosing a wooden door wouldn’t be a good idea. The door must meet standards and building codes.

It’s also important to look at the doorknob and jamb, if there is a combination of materials like wood and glass, inquire about the seals, insulation, maintenance, warranty and repair costs. Another key element when choosing your door is making sure installation is included in the price package.

Difference between residential and commercial impact doors

If you’ve been doing your research regarding impact doors, you may be wondering what’s the difference between commercial and residential zones. The main difference is the initial security factor. A door is the primary safety barrier between the outside world and a business’ financial assets. This is why using metal doors, especially for warehouses or storages is more common.

Residential doors aren’t, however, unsafe. They’re typically made of wood and oftentimes, fairly lightweight. With impact doors, which have thicker glass in their structure, they can’t be broken easily, which is why they provide so much security. Choosing the right style for a front door is also fundamental, it will be the first impression people will have of your home or business.

Commercial doors tend to cost much more than residential ones. Due to the materials they’re made of and enhanced security features. There are also differences in the details. They vary in designs and applications, from stylistic considerations to functionality, numerous factors come into play when choosing a door. Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, contacting a specialist is the best thing to do.


After choosing the right door that fits your likes and necessities, there comes another step. Taking care of your door regularly will guarantee its integrity and longevity. Proper maintenance starts with cleaning, you should check if there are any gaps or cracks, on the glass or framing. They could accumulate and damage will be greater eventually.

If you have wooden framings, you should also check for rotting, warping, and decay. If they’re made of a different material, you must clean the with the proper mixtures to ensure its integrity. Whichever mixture you choose for cleaning, you must rinse with clear water and wipe with a soft cloth. The tracks and weep holes should also be cleaned regularly.

The insulating glass should also be cleaned with the right materials to prevent yellowing, scratches, and debilitation. Every 4-6 months, you should check weatherstripping and hardware. You must be vigilant on your door’s necessities and make sure to repair it or replace it if needed.

If you follow all these tips, you will have a durable and safe door in your home. Knowing that in case of any natural disaster like a hurricane you will be secure is necessary when you live in the Fort Lauderdale area. Impact doors will guarantee your loved ones and home don’t suffer any damage when the winds hit.


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